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Some things I’ve worked on recently


Dartmouth Hall: 3D Model

A digital reconstruction of Dartmouth College's most iconic building

Haiti Crime Monitor UI/UX Design (Wireframes)

An interactive crime visualization and reporting tool for a Brazil-based non-profit.

Mongol Rally Interactive Route Map

Trace our route from England to Mongolia!

Median Income Value-by-Alpha

Wiggly Worm

Help Timmy the Tapeworm evade the antibiotics in this mindless and addicting game

Cartoon Physics

Exaggerated bipedal motion

Dot Density Deception

Pretty misinformation


An experimental caricature of Per Mertesacker

Mongol Rally Route

A visual itinerary

Boston Bike Crashes

"The topography of takedowns"


Portraits of friends and strangers from around the globe

Mt. St. Helens: 3D Model

Fun with digital elevation models

Urban Anatomy

Glimpses of the concrete jungle

Violent Crime in DC (Hexbins and Contours)

Identifying violent crime hotspots in Washington, DC


Celebrating the natural environment

If I Were A Subway…

A stylized mental map of Portland

Typographic Map of State Exports

What's in your boxcar?


Some critters, just for good measure

Shapes and Shadows

A collection of eye-catching patterns, colors, and objects

Astronaut: 3D Model

Meet François, the fearless French explorer (with a disjointed spine)

Mapping Slavery

An experiment in narrative cartography

Prison Cell: 3D Model

Using polygons to evoke a sense of place

Linoleum Prints

Tactile, non-digital arts, you say?

Reldresal Washington EP

Strange sounds designed to haunt your dreams


Gratuitous food porn/p>

The Geographic Distortion of Transit Maps

Straight rivers and square islands.


Who is this guy, anyway?


I am a scholar, an adventurer, a creator, and a proponent of the spaced en dash. The breadth of my wingspan is exceeded only by the range of my academic and personal interests, which include ethnomusicology, linguistics, photography, cosmology, travel, rapid transit, vexillology (the study of flags), long walks on the beach, and, above all, cartography. I’m truly fascinated by maps, as they lie at the very intersection of art, science, and technology. Maps play a critical role in ensuring that we understand the world around us. Plus, they’re immensely fun to research and design.

In June 2014, I graduated from Dartmouth College. I’m currently a Fulbright Research Fellow in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, where I am working on a multimedia narrative project on urban transformation. Upon my return to the U.S. in summer 2015, I hope pursue a career in digital content production, content strategy, UX/UI design, or cartography. This assumes, of course, that I return to the U.S. – which is anything but a foregone conclusion. I quite like it here.

Dilettante, you say? I prefer 21st-century Renaissance Man.

If you’d like to know more about me, you can send me an email using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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